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Prayer Request

In life, there are times when we are hit with challenges that may seem unbearable, questioning, is there a way out of this mess. If you are seeking a breakthrough in your life, I strongly encourage you to seek God in prayer. I extend my hand of support to you, and ask, what would you like me to pray for? I have seen countless prayers answered over the years, you are no exception. After you pray, stand in faith, and watch the hand of God move on your behalf. When you receive your breakthrough, please let me know, I want to celebrate with you. Wishing God’s peace, love, favor, protection and blessings be with you always, yours truly, Rev. Dr. Braveheart. Click here for a Prayer Request.

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Other Services

Grief Counseling

Dr. Braveheart facilitates an on-going support group on grief, to help people who are suffering from grief and loss. The support group is free and meets once a week. Dr. Braveheart is also available to meet with individuals or in a group setting.

Lectures & Workshops

Dr. Braveheart can be booked for topics on grief, forgiveness and life coaching principles. This can be done for families, small or large groups, churches, companies and/or organizations.

Life Coaching

Dr. Braveheart can meet privately with individuals seeking life coaching guidance and support.

Alcohol & Drug Counseling

Dr. Braveheart can meet with individuals privately or in a group setting seeking support and guidance on alcohol and drug addiction.

Funeral Services

Dr. Braveheart is a non-denominational ordained minister who has performed numerous funeral services for families and individuals, with the emphasis on honoring, remembering and celebrating the loved one’s life who has passed on.

Spiritual Counseling

Dr. Braveheart can meet with individuals seeking spiritual guidance. At times, we cave into the pressures of life, perhaps, if you let go and let God, you will discover an inner strength that will assist you through this difficult time. As this process unfolds, you will begin to sense some new beginnings; experience a new start of life that slowly replaces the previous despair, emptiness and darkness you were previously consumed with.

Notary Public Services

Dr. Braveheart runs a mobile notary public service and is available upon request.

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Take Your Moment! Is committed to challenging the human spirit in seeking ways to go beyond the problem and consider that sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together; when you realize you can no longer change the situation, you are challenged to change yourselves. Take Your Moment! Touches the lives of those in need, by empowering struggling people acquire the knowledge, skills and self-esteem necessary to survive, thrive and forge ahead; in return, this exposure helps individuals develop a healthier, happier and more productive lifestyle.

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